Check of a condition of a bent shaft

Check of a radial side play of a bent shaft


1. Establish covers of radical bearings. If the cover is established correctly, its ear has to be displaced to the left if to look in the direction of the movement (i.e. to be from the inlet pipeline).

2. Measure diameter of an opening under a bent shaft in the block of cylinders (with the established covers of radical bearings) in the A, V and S directions.
3. Measure diameter of an opening in the direction A and write down it. Let, for example, 62.51 mm.
4. Uncover the radical bearing.
5. Measure diameter of a neck of the radical bearing. Let, for example, 57.95 mm.
6. Make calculation of a gap: Diameter of an opening (62.51 mm) - Diameter of a neck of the radical bearing of a bent shaft (57.35 mm) = 4.55 mm. Subtract nominal rate of size of a radial gap of 0.04 mm (address Specifications to the table) from this result and receive 4.51 mm. Divide this result on 2 and receive thickness of an insert of 2.255 mm.
7. Pick up an insert of the corresponding thickness. For example: thickness of an insert is 2.255 mm. According to requirements of Specifications choose an insert on color. In this case, it is an insert of blue color.
8. Insert rod inserts into a cover of a rod and fix them by bolts.
9. Measure diameter of the lower head of a rod with inserts.
10. Measure diameter of conrod necks and determine a radial gap in bearings of a bent shaft by the measured value. Diameter of the lower head of a rod (with inserts) - Diameter of a conrod neck = the Radial gap of a bent shaft.

Check of an axial side play of a bent shaft